Program for LinuxFest Northwest 2018


Bellingham Publicly Owned Fiber Optic Network
A Net-Neutral Solution that Increases Choices and Helps Address Almost All of Our Social and Economic Issues

presented by baceman007

This is a presentation on the efforts to expand on and provide public access to the already existing municipal fiber optic network in Bellingham. When successful we hope to have an OpenAccess structure backed up by a Dig Once Policy to ensure a permanent solution to issues with net-neutrality and help address many of our social and economic concerns. Many other cities, including our neighboring...


02:30 - 03:15 CC-114 Infrastructure Easy

Introduction to Git (even for non-developers)

presented by genehack

Git is a revision control system that is used for many Open Source projects. Having a basic understanding of Git is essential to being able to join an Open Source project and become a contributor. It's also super useful for many other activities! This talk will explore the basics of Git, assuming no existing background experience. Via analogies to other, familiar technolgies, the basic principl...


02:30 - 03:15 CC-115 Code Easy

Security Theatre
The (mostly) unknown OSI Layer 8

presented by mfeilner

Security is but a feeling. A feeling that the admin has when he's leaving at beer o'clock. And mostly the biggest risks for the assets he has to protect are not of technical nature.

This talk is full of examples, findings and revelations of twenty years of training, consulting, and being an investigative journalist. From passwords to Kerberos servers, from VPNs to the Dark net and anonymity,...


02:30 - 03:15 CC-200 Security Easy

Writing your own VM - Programming Language
Develop a VM within 2 hours, and implement an Assembler for it.

presented by Don

Programming Language Development - via Virtual Machines

I don't know about you, but programming language design and development has always interested me. Why and how a language handles Objects, Functions, Pointers, References, and more. At first it seemed like only the Coding Wizards could do something so complex. But then I learned about VM's and Assembly, it has changed my entire outlook...


02:30 - 04:30 CC-201 TUT1 Code Medium
Spencer Krum

Harness the power of Kubernetes and Istio

presented by Spencer Krum

Microservices revolutionized the way we look at app development and is now one of the most popular programming architectures. Now, Docker alongside Kubernetes is changing the way teams look at deployments of these microservices. Kubernetes provides powerful production-grade orchestration for your "Dockerized" microservices; with open source Istio on top, you gain the capabilities to connect, ma...


02:30 - 04:30 CC-202 TUT2 Infrastructure Medium

Watch out for that tree!
What mountain biking has taught me about proactive systems engineering.

presented by jlk

Mountain biking is a lot like software engineering. No, really! There are skills to be learned, obstacles to overcome, patterns to recognize, leaders to follow, and new trails to explore!

In this talk I'll discuss a revelation I had one day as I was riding down the trail, about how I could apply that which I've learned over the years of trail riding to software and systems engineering. This...


02:30 - 03:15 CC-208 Humans Easy
Jianna Zhang Larry Apolonio

Build and Program Your First NXT Robot

presented by Jianna Zhang, Larry Apolonio

Bellingham Artificial Intelligence & Robotics Society presents a full-day workshop on building and programming your first NXT robot, as well as IoT demos by WWU Robot Club students.

02:30 - 09:00 CC-234 BAIRS BAIRS Easy
David Spring

Introducing DistroTweaks… A New Way to Share Linux

presented by David Spring

Currently, Linux operating systems are available in distributions, commonly called “distros” such as Debian or Ubuntu. There are more than one hundred Linux distributions. Each distribution includes a desktop appearance combined with a bundle of programs. Each distribution can be customized by changing the desktop appearance and adding or subtracting programs. However, the problem is that e...


02:30 - 03:15 CC-235 Education Easy
clive boulton

JavaScript in a Bottle
Spectre and Meltdown was a "Message in Bottle". We present how JavaScript can defend itself from speculative execution class security hacks by reprising Mark S Miller's work.

presented by clive boulton

To touch on the LFNW theme "Message in a Bottle". Security, Containerization, and Personal Data.

We present a reprise of Mark S. Miller's continuing work on Robust Composition at TC39 on the EcmaScript standard. Turning JavaScript the programming language of the web into a first class object capabilities-based language. With an ability to defend itself from speculative execution...


02:30 - 03:15 CC-236 Code Medium
Seth David Schoen

Incompossibilities: Limitations and Trade-offs in Technology Design

presented by Seth David Schoen

Limitations in our technology and communications systems frustrate users, and idealistic technologists imagine many axes along which these systems could be improved. Will we ever design the perfect software tools?

An ongoing area of research in computer science (and economics and philosophy) is the discovery of inherent trade-offs in certain systems. In some cases, it can be proven th...


02:30 - 03:15 G-103 Humans Medium
Lloyd Albin

Using GIS in Postgres

presented by Lloyd Albin

In this presentation we will go over basics of how to install and use PostGIS.

  • Installing PostGIS
    • Cloud Solutions
    • From Source
  • Aviation Math
    • Airplane Performance
    • Great Circle Math
  • PostGIS Math
    • Updating your tables to make GIS faster
    • Oh how easy it is to read and write GIS
  • Taxes
    • Adding per Passenger Taxes
    • Adding Airport Taxes
  • References



02:30 - 03:15 HC-103 Postgres PostgreSQL Easy
Bryan Lunduke Matt

Video & Audio Production on Linux
For hobbyists and professionals

presented by Matt, Bryan Lunduke

Want to make your own podcast? How about producing a series of videos (for YouTube or elsewhere)? Live stream a gameplay session? Yep. Linux can do it all. And quite well, to boot. I walk you through exactly how to record, edit, and publish both audio and video -- including live streaming to multiple services -- entirely on Linux using Free Software.

02:30 - 03:15 HC-108 Humans Easy

Linux Professional Institute: Linux Essentials Cram Session

presented by Kenny

Linux Professional Institute (LPI) invites you connect with them at LinuxFest Northwest 2018 taking place April 28 - 29, 2018 in Bellingham, WA at Bellingham Technical College. LPI is proud to be exhibiting again this year. Stop by the LPI booth during the exhibit hours to learn how LPI can help boost your career.

Take Part.

LinuxFest Northwest is an annual open source event co-produc...


03:30 - 05:30 HC-112 LPI Education Easy
Deb Nicholson

REPLACEMENT Please note that this talk replaces Humane Management for Imperfect Humans

Harmonize or Resist? A Global Survey of Strategies for Software

presented by Deb Nicholson

There's a lot of pressure from the US (and some of it's allies) to "harmonize" with American ideas about patents and copyrights. The response by different nations has been wildly different -- some have chosen to play along while others have chosen to resist. What makes sense for one country won't make sense for another and it's all in the details. This talk examines existing legal patterns, the...


03:45 - 04:30 CC-114 Humans Easy

Pop!_OS - A visionary tale of an OS that will.

presented by Sri

A year ago, System76, seller of Linux laptops and desktops had bet their future on Unity. With the announcement of its demise by Canonical; System76 found itself on a journey of building and supporting your own OS. How build a community around it, how to work with upstream, and processing feedback from the community.

Sriram Ramkrishna, community manager for System76 tells the tale and it's...


03:45 - 04:30 CC-115 Humans Easy
Gary Smith

Linux File System Forensics
The Who, What, When, Where, Why, and how of Investigating a Linux Disk Image

presented by Gary Smith

Frequently, performing a forensic analysis of a Linux disk image is often part of incident response to determine if a breach has occurred. Linux forensics is quite a different and fascinating world compared with Microsoft Windows forensics. In this presentation, we will analyze a disk image from a potentially compromised Linux system. We will attempt to determine the who, what, when, where, why...


03:45 - 05:15 CC-200 Security Hard
Rizchel Dayao

How to Deploy Your React Application While Saving Time and Energy
Quick Start to Kubernetes

presented by Rizchel Dayao

As a front end developer, we often dread the process of deploying and hosting our applications. We want to focus on perfecting the front end and hope the deployment process is quick and simple…or at least that’s how I felt. Unfortunately, that’s usually not the case and we spend hours of our time and energy to do a simple deployment. I’ve created a React template application and quick start gu...


03:45 - 04:30 CC-208 Infrastructure Easy
mpl Brad Fitzpatrick

Perkeep: permanently keep your online memories, not just your files.

presented by Brad Fitzpatrick, mpl

Perkeep (originally Camlistore) is a project to help you keep your online memories for life, whether those memories are small "Likes", tweets, bookmarks, GPS logs, or 5TB video files.

In today's always connected world we live in, a major part of your life events are stored online in one form or another. And as we all know, this data is spread all over the web, bu...


03:45 - 05:15 CC-235 Humans Easy

Visual Studio and VS Code for Linux C/C++ development

presented by @robotdad

With Visual Studio 2017 you can write cross platform C/C++ code, build deploy and debug it on a Linux machine, or use the Windows Subsystem for Linux. You can also bring your own code into Visual Studio using CMake or other build systems without any conversion. Visual Studio Code can be used directly on a Linux box for C/C++ development (and many other languages) and also provides capabilities ...


03:45 - 05:15 CC-236 Code Medium
sart Seth David Schoen

EFF Open Forum
Panel Discussion

presented by sart, Seth David Schoen

As in previous LFNW events, a panel of open source advocates will talk about the past year's important events in online civil liberties, and answer your questions.

This panel discussion features Seth Schoen - Senior Staff Technologist, Electronic Frontier Foundation; and Sarterus Rowe - Manager at National Technology Assistance Project/Northwest Justice Project.

03:45 - 05:15 G-103 Humans Easy
Tiago Dantas

Migrating MSSQL TO POSTGRES, An Open Source War Story
Importing Hundreds of Tables And Views And Thousands Of Constraints In Minutes

presented by Tiago Dantas

So you've been given the task of migrating from your old creaky server that you're tired of paying through the nose to the latest and greatest that PostgreSQL can offer both in your data-centre and in the cloud.


It's a laudable goal that few have attained without severe, expensive commitment in time, effort and money.

Come and hear how it was done with less effort, and cost,...


03:45 - 04:30 HC-103 Postgres PostgreSQL Medium
Bryan Lunduke

Linux Sucks. Forever.
Now even more sucky than before.

presented by Bryan Lunduke

There are three truths that have held firm since man first walked upon the Earth: Linux Sucks... and three others that I can't remember at the moment. This series was supposed to end in 2017. That proved to be impossible. Because, as a wise man once put it, "Linux sucks just too damned much."

03:45 - 04:30 HC-108 Humans Easy

Do good things - and talk about it!
PR for Open Source Projects

presented by mfeilner

Lessons learnt in 20 years of Open Source PR.

This hands-on session will tell, teach and train community contributors, developers, open source project leads, etc. how to deal with the press. Get an explanation of basic terms like "kitchen call", "elevator pitch", "nutgraphs", "leads", "venn diagrams", and see how to build a decent project description and a working project website.



05:00 - 07:00 CC-201 TUT1 Humans Easy
Alex Juarez

Introduction to Working with Vagrant
A Quick Guide to Setup and Workflow

presented by Alex Juarez

An Introduction to Vagrant and Deploying Machines

When I first learned about Vagrant it became an essential tool in my learning and training journey. It made it extremely simple to spin up a server and just test things out.

In this tutorial aimed at beginner to intermediate users we will go through initial setup of using Vagrant with Virtualbox making sure along the way the terminology...


05:00 - 07:00 CC-202 TUT2 Infrastructure Easy
Basil Bourque

10 in 10: Ten new things in Postgres 10
Delve into details of new features delivered in Postgres 10

presented by Basil Bourque

Ten of my favorite new things in Postgres 10.

  • Replacement for SERIAL (identity column)
  • Traceable COMMIT
  • Parallel query
  • Cross-column statistics
  • New collation (sorting)
  • More XML
  • logical replication
  • Simplifying timestamps
  • Renaming & renumbering
  • Security tweaks

We spend a chunk of time explaining the surprisingly troublesome nature of the Postgres-specific `SERIAL...


05:30 - 07:00 HC-103 Postgres PostgreSQL Medium
John Sullivan

The business case for copyleft
Let's make it

presented by John Sullivan

Copyleft is the fuel that launched the current free software boom. Previously, licenses that required sharing of derivative works were the default choice among businesses. However, today there is chatter that companies are afraid of copyleft, with some refusing to even look at copyleft code. Copyleft and business aren't at odds, and choosing these licenses can be beneficial to your work. ...


06:00 - 06:45 CC-114 Humans Easy
Michael T DeMers

The Ubuntu Home Server
Convenience and Security

presented by Michael T DeMers

One of the most powerful uses for Linux is for server infrastructure. This can be utilized to greatly improve the functionality and security of your home network. In this presentation I will discuss the many uses that I have found for different Linux applications on my Ubuntu server at home: file sharing, virtualization, DNS filtering, private VPNs, managed DHCP, gaming servers, and https web-h...


06:00 - 06:45 CC-115 Infrastructure Medium

Successful 2FA is a matter of smooth workflows
The privacyIDEA Authentication System

presented by cornelinux

Successful two-factor authentication is a matter of smooth workflows

Thanks to Google and Facebook and a lot of other public services two-factor authentication or multi-factor authentication is now known to even a lot of end users. It is not only a topic for security nerds but a demand of "normal people". But this also can lead to a wrong simplification of 2FA. Two-factor authentication ...


06:00 - 06:45 CC-200 Security Medium
Justin Revelstoke

Better Brewing through Data Science and Machine Learning
Using open source to add intelligence to brewing

presented by Justin Revelstoke

Better Brewing through Data Science and Machine Learning

A brief introduction to data science and machine learning (5 min)

  • Brief biography
  • Definitions, concepts and terminology

The stack (5 min)

  • Data collection, parsing and processing
  • Machine learning frameworks
  • RESTful model interrogation
  • Designing an intuitive AI interface

Finding the "optimal" recip...


06:00 - 06:45 CC-208 Code Medium
Michael Hrivnak

Orchestrating Multi-service Applications on Kubernetes

presented by Michael Hrivnak

Many applications consist of multiple services, such as a database, API service, and frontend. Provisioning them as a single application in Kubernetes can be a challenge, especially if one or more services runs outside your cluster.

The Service Catalog provides a new way for users to publish, provision, and manage applications on Kubernetes through the use of Service Brokers. The Ansible Bro...


06:00 - 06:45 CC-235 Infrastructure Medium
Jeremy Whittemore

GO generate all the things!
Code generation with golang on Linux

presented by Jeremy Whittemore

GO generate all the things!

This workshop will show how to rapidly build software with code generation tools in golang. Anyone can attend the workshop, though having a fundamental understanding of modern software architecture & design will be helpful.

The examples will be available during and after the course on github here => [](https://github...


06:00 - 06:45 CC-236 Code Medium
Zaheda Bhorat

OpenSource: Love what you do everyday!

presented by Zaheda Bhorat

Build a career doing what you love. Open source is an enabler and the community can be your best coach, mentor and referral. Whether you are a beginners or someone who has been working in open source for years, the speakers covers tips in building an open source career. On bringing out the best in yourself, the community and your project.

06:00 - 06:45 G-103 Humans Easy
Bryan Lunduke

Programmers are Evil
(the compelling new evidence)

presented by Bryan Lunduke

Computer Programmers. Software Developers. Coders. Software Engineers. Whatever you want to call them, one thing is astoundingly clear: They are pure evil. Down to their cold, icy hearts. Don't believe me? Give me 1 hour. I will irrefutably prove it to you. Especially Open Source programmers. They're just the worst.

06:00 - 06:45 HC-108 Humans Easy
Lucy Wyman

Linux Jargon
From AFK to Zero-day

presented by Lucy Wyman

Join me on a cultural, technical, and philosophical journey through time and space. Not sure what BDFL, Backus-Naur Form, gparted, astroturfing, or The Evil Bit are? I've got you covered. This talk aims to introduce common phrases, tools, protocols, cultural references, and other tech jargon to help you keep up with technical discussions and learn some great new words!

07:15 - 08:00 CC-114 Code Easy
Wm Salt Hale

IndieWeb 101: owning your content and identity

presented by Wm Salt Hale

Have you ever worried about putting something witty on Twitter wondering if it will be lost to time and attributed to someone else? How about the ability to push a check-in to Swarm, Facebook, and Instagram simultaneously?

The IndieWeb has been growing since 2013 and strives to create an alternative to content silos and the ‘corporate web’. This is achieved through creating a single source o...


07:15 - 08:00 CC-115 Humans Easy
Cathy Smith

Moving Forward with Firewalld
Pitfalls of an iptables mindset

presented by Cathy Smith

These days, we hear about the need to have good computer security even from commercial tv and radio news no less. Basic security practices call for the of use of a host-based firewall on our computers. Many of us have been using iptables to provide the protection of host-based firewall. With the wide spread adoption of systemd, we are now faced with moving to firewalld. While firewalld is...


07:15 - 08:00 CC-200 Security Easy

Documentation is Teaching, and Teaching is Everything
Tips and tricks for making documentation easier, and helping users find it

presented by cschroder

Writing documentation is easy, but why bother because nobody ever reads it anyway.

Right? Doesn't everyone feel this way at least once in awhile? Writing documentation is not easy, but it is just as necessary as writing code. There are many options for creating good helpful documentation: wikis, blogs, videos, slideshows, wherever your imagination leads you. The important bit is doing *...


07:15 - 08:15 CC-201 TUT1 Education Easy

Building Your own Cloud on a Pi
Or on a old desktop or laptop or VPS or...

presented by jospoortvliet

Always wanted to play with a small, embedded device? Always wanted to have your own Cloud at home? This is your chance! Installing Nextcloud on a Banana Pi or Raspberry Pi 2 is not very hard and it can do Real Cool Stuff™. Your documents, your calendar, photos, passwords, notes, all of it on your own little server. Oh, and don't forget private audio/video calls! In this workshop we will go over...


07:15 - 08:15 CC-202 TUT2 Infrastructure Medium
Dmitri Popov

digiKam Ninja Tricks
Getting the most out of digiKam

presented by Dmitri Popov

digiKam, the default photo management tool on openSUSE, is a somewhat underappreciated application. Many Linux users know that it's a decent tool for organizing photos, but they are often unaware of the fact that digiKam offers advanced feature and functionality that covers the entire photographic workflow. The presentation will help participants to get the most out of this powerful photo and v...


07:15 - 08:00 CC-208 Humans Easy
Richard Clark

Proxmox Hypervisor - Open Source LXC and KVM management
Sometimes you just want a nice UI

presented by Richard Clark

Infrastructure Track

Proxmox Hypervisor - Rich open source LXC and KVM hypervisor manager - Homelab to Enterprise

From their website : >Proxmox VE is a complete open-source platform for enterprise virtualization. With the built-in web interface you can easily manage VMs and containers, software-defined storage and networking, high-availability cl...


07:15 - 08:00 CC-235 Infrastructure Medium
Stephen MacKenzie

Why C? Refuting C++ Pretentiousness
Exposing the Monopolistic Propaganda Coming From the C++ Camp

presented by Stephen MacKenzie

Overview: C++ "gurus" are anathematizing Straight C Programming. With this as a backdrop, and as a former 20 year member of the Microsoft Visual C++ Team, I provide informed and reasoned arguments backed by data and real life industry anecdotal evidence on why C Programming is still a very compelling programming language.

Full slide deck and code in the works at


07:15 - 08:00 CC-236 Code Medium

Do Licenses Drive Communities or Do Communities Drive Licenses?
The Crumbling Intellectual Infrastructure of Free Software Licensing

presented by bkuhn

The license-importance-divide seems almost generational: the aging early adopters still obsess about licenses and younger developers consider licenses more impediments than tools. Yet, the historical focus on licensing in Open Source and Free Software, while occasionally prone to pedantry to a degree only developers can love, stemmed from serious governance considerations for community interac...


07:15 - 08:00 G-103 Humans Easy
Basil Bourque

Make a date with Postgres
A practical guide to the key concepts for handling date-time values with a Postgres database.

presented by Basil Bourque

This talk is a practical guide to the core concepts for handling date-time values with a Postgres database.

Working with date-time values is surprisingly tricky and complicated. Our intuitive understanding of the clock and calendar actually works against us as database admins and developers. Issues like time zones, offsets, UTC/GMT, Daylight Saving Time (DST), epoch, Leap Year, Leap Second, ...


07:15 - 08:00 HC-103 Postgres PostgreSQL Easy
Bryan Lunduke

The Complete History of Linux (abridged)
Give or take.

presented by Bryan Lunduke

Ever wonder how Linux became... Linux? Join Bryan Lunduke on a voyage through time, as we cover the entire history of the glorious thing we call Linux -- and everything that led to it -- from the very beginning right up until the present day. Abridged, of course. Because we've only got one hour.

07:15 - 08:00 HC-108 Humans Easy

Linux Professional Institute: LPIC-1 Cram Session

presented by Kenny

Linux Professional Institute (LPI) invites you connect with them at LinuxFest Northwest 2018 taking place April 28 - 29, 2018 in Bellingham, WA at Bellingham Technical College. LPI is proud to be exhibiting again this year. Stop by the LPI booth during the exhibit hours to learn how LPI can help boost your career.

Take Part.

LinuxFest Northwest is an annual open source event co-produc...


07:30 - 09:30 HC-112 LPI Education Medium

The Potatoes of Defiance
Leading Open Source Enterprise Teams

presented by mfeilner

How to deal with management when you’re leading an OSS team. Within more than two decades in and around the FLOSS communities, Markus has seen several different approaches to leadership – and with this talk he will give an idea how different leadership in OSS enterprise teams works.

Very often we find that traditional leadership, American corporation approaches or e.g. German organisation do...


08:30 - 09:15 CC-114 Humans Medium
Donald Robertson

Freedom, Certified: The verification and certification programs of the Free Software Foundation

presented by Donald Robertson

Software freedom is important to users, but maintaining a full free software stack isn't always the easiest of tasks. Modern computing involves thousands of different licenses, pieces of software, and the hardware to run it all. The incredible level of choice could leave users paralyzed if they don't have simple guides for finding tools that respect their rights. That is where the Free Software...


08:30 - 09:15 CC-115
Alex Juarez

You Think You've Been Hacked - The First 30 Minutes
A Primer on Tools and Techniques

presented by Alex Juarez

You’ve Think You’ve Been Hacked - The First 30 Minutes

Something is not right. Your site might be down, you might see a spike in traffic. You are not sure, but you think you might have just been compromised.

This is something most administrators will go through as some point in their career. When you realize it, you might not be sure what to do. You might not be ready it. How can you ...


08:30 - 09:15 CC-200 Security Medium
Bri Hatch

Task automation with DoJobber and Python
Feeling idempotent? Then this is the tool for you!

presented by Bri Hatch

DoJobber (Open Sourcing at LinuxFest!) allows you to execute large complex and interwoven tasks by breaking them into individual components and defining any interdependencies. DoJobber determines the right order to run tasks and will try every unblocked task until it encounters a failure. This means it is completely idempontent - you can run it repeatedly until it succeeds.

Rather than a yam...


08:30 - 09:15 CC-208 Code Medium
Liam Newman

REPLACEMENT Please note that this talk replaces Customizing Desktop Environments - An Introduction to RICEing

Hackers Gotta Eat
Building a Company Around an Open Source Project

presented by Liam Newman

Creating and leading an open source project can be both rewarding and frustrating. It is rewarding to see the project grow and people contribute, but it can become frustrating and burdensome when your side-project comes to dominate your free time. If you're fortunate, you might be employed to work full-time on your open source project or even start a company around the project; then what? What ...


08:30 - 09:15 CC-235 Humans Easy
Dave Stokes

Database Programming Basics or Why Your Database Queries Stink!!!

presented by Dave Stokes

Relational database are the core of most application but roughly 2% of developers get any formal training in Structured Query Language -- and then wonder why their database queries perform miserably. This is a short introduction to what your query is actually doing and how to gain performance for your application without hours of study of relational calculus, set theory, or human sacrifice dur...


08:30 - 09:15 CC-236

Why I forked my own project and my own company

presented by Nextcloud

This talk will describe the reasons why ownCloud was founded as an open source project. The good and bad things when it was turned into a venture capital founded company, the thing that Frank and the core team does differently with Nextcloud and how the business model, licensing and community relations improved.

Frank Karlitschek founded the ownCloud open source project in 2010 and co-founde...


08:30 - 09:15 G-103
Mark Wong

Intro to OmniDB with PostgreSQL
Browser based database management

presented by Mark Wong

OmniDB is an open source browser-based app designed to access and manage many different Database Management systems, e.g. PostgreSQL, Oracle and MySQL. OmniDB can run either as an App or via Browser, combining the flexibility needed for various access paths with a design that puts security first.

OmniDB’s main objective is to offer an unified workspace with all functionalities needed to mani...


08:30 - 09:15 HC-103 Postgres PostgreSQL Easy
Bryan Lunduke Matt

The Lunduke Show. Live.
And unscripted.

presented by Matt, Bryan Lunduke

Join Bryan Lunduke, and his lovably nerdy crew, for a live version of the Lunduke Show. Complete with questions from the audience (Linux and Free Software focused, of course). Unscripted. Unrehearsed. Unpredictable. If you've ever wanted to be part of the popular online show (enjoyed over a quarter of a million times every month), now's your chance.

08:30 - 09:15 HC-108 Humans Easy
Basil Bourque

Vaadin users group
Casual discussion for people using, or curious about, Vaadin, the open-source web-app framework built in Java but runs in common web browsers

presented by Basil Bourque


Vaadin, the open-source framework for building professional-looking business-oriented web-app user-interfaces with pure Java on the server-side and pure web standards technology (HTML, CSS, JavaScript, DOM, Push, WebSocket, and such) automatically generated for the client-side in common web browse...


08:45 - 09:30 CC-201 TUT1 Code Easy
Simon Quigley

Ubuntu 18.10+ Planning
Bring your projects and ideas to help make Ubuntu better!

presented by Simon Quigley

LinuxFest NorthWest comes soon after the release of Ubuntu 18.04 LTS, so let's do some Ubuntu 18.10+ planning! Anybody interested in the future of Ubuntu and flavors or derivatives is welcome to join!

Topics may include but are not limited to: getting Ubuntu and flavors on new devices, coordination of cross-flavor development or social projects, and anything else that fits within the scope o...


08:45 - 09:30 CC-202 TUT2 Humans Medium

Open Source at the IEEE Standards Association
Challenges and opportunities

presented by jgay

The Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) is the world's largest association of technical professionals with more than 420,000 members in over 160 countries around the world. The IEEE Standards Association (IEEE-SA) develops global standards in a broad range of industries, including: power and energy, biomedical and health care, information technology and robotics, telecommun...


02:30 - 03:15 CC-114 Humans Easy
Noah Birnel

Why We Can't Have Nice Things (and how to fix it)
Improving your Engineering Processes with Limited Resources

presented by Noah Birnel

As engineers (developers, devops, network admins, IT and the like), we read blogs, we talk to other engineers, we watch talks....

and we feel small.

Small because:

  • We're not doing CI
  • We don't have a Chaos Monkey
  • Our APIs are undocumented
  • We don't have high availability
  • We are not pair programming
  • We don't have a full inventory of equipment
  • etc, etc, etc

We k...


02:30 - 03:15 CC-115 Humans Easy

What a sys-admin needs to know to troubleshoot Wayland.
learn Wayland stuff

presented by hackersGame

What x11 tools exist today: - xinit - startx - Impotent files - starting in runlevel 3

What's new in Wayland. - how can a user start a Wayland session for troubleshooting? - what desktop env can be run. - Issues: - No x forward - - Xwayland has some issues - - missing apps - what hardware can you run Wayland on today - When will it hit server rooms.

I talk abo...


02:30 - 03:15 CC-200 Education Medium

Making Chiptunes on a Raspberry Pi
8-bit music composition with MilkyTracker

presented by porkostomus

As a music student at Portland Community College, I decided that I wanted to produce an entire album of electronic music on a Raspberry Pi. Part of this motivation was from having been seriously burned in the past by relying too heavily on proprietary music software and having too many expensive instruments and machines broken or stolen. As a result of constantly having to start over from scrat...


02:30 - 04:30 CC-201 TUT1 Education Easy
Chad Norman

Improving Arduino Education
Creative and interactive ways of teaching Arduino

presented by Chad Norman

Arduino microcontrollers are powerful platforms for circuit prototyping. Improving the usability of its necessary components and giving it physical structure improves learning and makes it more attractive to a wide range of interests. Chad Norman and Terri Sligar are public school teachers in Mount Vernon, WA. After years of teaching Arduino development to middle school, high school, and col...


02:30 - 04:30 CC-202 TUT2 Education Easy

Cover Your AWS: Securing Evergreen at MongoDB
AWS features and tools that will help you get more sleep.

presented by chasinglogic

At MongoDB we've built an open source continuous integration system called Evergreen. Mathew Robinson works on the Build Team at MongoDB and is responsible for keeping the infrastructure for Evergreen up, happy, and most importantly secure. This means patching and maintaining 800+ EC2 instances. During this talk Mathew will tell you war stories of problems they ran into and how they solved ...


02:30 - 03:15 CC-208 Infrastructure Medium
Jianna Zhang Larry Apolonio

Build and Program Your First Arduino Robot

presented by Jianna Zhang, Larry Apolonio

Bellingham Artificial Intelligence & Robotics Society presents a full-day workshop on building and programming your first Arduino robot, as well as IoT demos by WWU Robot Club students.

02:30 - 09:00 CC-234 BAIRS BAIRS Easy
Jeff Costlow

What it is, how it's generated and how it is used.

presented by Jeff Costlow

Entropy is a measurement of the amount of randomness in a system. All systems need entropy to run in a securely. We'll do a deep dive into entropy; what entropy is, how it's used, and how it's generated and kept in a pool in the linux kernel. We'll also give some important safety tips.

02:30 - 03:15 CC-235 Security Medium

Pseudo-Bundle based packaging for CLI & Desktop (SquirrelPM)
Viewing packages from a different perspective

presented by Don

Let's discuss the possibilities of a bundle based package system. One that is usable for CLI & Desktop utilities/applications. Enabling upgrading applications and libraries without unintended side-effects. But keeping download size, disk usage, and memory bloat minimal.

AppImage, almost gets us to where I want bundling to be. It is however not good at backward compatibility and does a fe...


02:30 - 03:15 CC-236 Infrastructure Easy
Shawn Sterling

I wanna be the guy (or gal) 5 years later
Random advice on how to be a better sysadmin

presented by Shawn Sterling

This talk is an updated version of the I wanna be the guy (or gal) talk that I presented at Linuxfest Northwest 2013.

The original talk ( was a bunch of random advice for all levels of system administrators, and this is going to be more of the same, but updated for 2018.

We will be going over wh...


02:30 - 03:15 G-103 Infrastructure Easy
Basil Bourque

Flyway – Database migration made easy
Like version control for your code, but for your database.

presented by Basil Bourque

Introduction to Flyway, the open-source tool for migrating your database changes between your dev-test-QA-prod systems. Evolve your database schema easily and reliably across all your instances. Like version control for your code, but for your database.

If you manage the changes in the structure of your database with a rag-tag bunch of SQL scripts, a pile of email...


02:30 - 03:15 HC-103 Postgres PostgreSQL Easy
Carl Symons

openSUSE Mini-Summit

presented by Carl Symons

A face-to-face gathering of people from openSUSE and FOSS to discuss, sprint, collaborate, plan, hack, laugh, try out new ideas.

02:30 - 09:00 HC-104 openSUSE openSUSE Easy

"I have nothing to hide": threats to privacy in our society
and how to protect yourself running your own cloud

presented by jospoortvliet

When discussing privacy, the argument "I have nothing to hide" keeps coming up. This can be debunked with two main arguments: you don't KNOW what you have to hide; and you SHOULD have something to hide. But there is a third point: it isn't ABOUT having something to hide - privacy is a basic human need.

In this talk I will discuss each of these points, making clear how our privacy is endanger...


02:30 - 03:15 HC-108 Security Easy
Kaitlin Edwards

Linux Professional Institute: Exam Lab - Session 1
Linux, DevOps Tools Engineer, or LPIC exams

presented by Kaitlin Edwards

Linux Professional Institute (LPI) invites you connect with them at LinuxFest Northwest 2018 taking place April 28 - 29, 2018 in Bellingham, WA at Bellingham Technical College. LPI is proud to be exhibiting again this year. Stop by the LPI booth during the exhibit hours to learn how LPI can help boost your career.

Take Part.

LinuxFest Northwest is an annual open source event co-produc...


02:30 - 04:30 HC-112 LPI Education Medium
Deb Nicholson

Don't Fear the Patent Clause!

presented by Deb Nicholson

Several different patent clauses are embedded in modern open source licenses and there's some confusion about exactly what they each mean. Most developers would prefer to have nothing to do with patents or patent clauses, but avoiding the topic isn't a smart strategy. None of the popular clauses have been tested in court, so no one can predict exactly how the courts might deal with hybrid copyr...


03:45 - 04:30 CC-114 Infrastructure Medium

Old Dogs & New Tricks
What's New with Perl5 This Century

presented by genehack

Perl5? Isn't that language dead? No, wait, wasn't it replaced by Perl6? Neither is true, but if you haven't paid attention to the Perl world since a year beginning with the digit '1', you've missed a lot of great new stuff! This talk will get you up to speed on Perl5 in 2018, with a focus on new language features, best practices, and even why you might want to learn Perl if you don't know it.

03:45 - 04:30 CC-115 Code Medium
Gary Smith

Incident Response with Live Linux Forensics
Has an incident occurerd? How to find that out.

presented by Gary Smith

A major part of incident response is answering the question, "Do we have an incident?" To answer that question you can use live Linux forensics. In this presentation, we will look at the some of the steps in incident response, specifically, the preparation phase. Next we'll look at what forms of information we can gather from a live Linux system and its forensic value. Finally, we'll look at sc...


03:45 - 04:30 CC-200 Security Medium

Hybrid multi-cloud infrastructure as code using Terraform
Learn to use Terraform with cutting edge technologies such as Containers, Kubernetes, Visual Studio Code, and Azure

presented by Arun

Author, test and reuse hybrid multi-cloud infrastructure as code using Terraform which is emerging as the open source leader in this space. This presentation will help you understand how to use Terraform as part of your hybrid multi-cloud strategy.

I will show you various integrations between Terraform and Microsoft technologies such as Azure Container Instance, Visual Studio Code, etc that...


03:45 - 04:30 CC-208 Infrastructure Medium
Lucas Hall

Using osquery via Fleet for Client/Server visibility
Utilizing several tools and open source platforms to better increase your visibility over your fleet of machines.

presented by Lucas Hall

Fleet visibility with osquery and other f/oss tools

This will be a beginner level talk.

  • This will focus more on a practical application
  • a high level of the tools and their integration
  • ie, this how a functioning ecosystem could work, not heavy into one tool or another
  • fleet endpoints will be inclusive of linux, win, and macOS

Planned outline as:

  • A brief over...

03:45 - 04:30 CC-235 Infrastructure Easy
Larry Apolonio

Arduino, ESP8266 and 433 Mhz Devices
Easy Route to IoT Devices

presented by Larry Apolonio

There are a plethora of 433Mhz devices that lasts months on a small battery. I will demo water sensors, motion sensors, door and window switches.

Using Arduino, an ESP8266 and MQTT, I get these devices to send information to me over the network all for under $20.

I also talk about how insecure these devices are and you should not consider them for security but for simple monitoring.

03:45 - 04:30 CC-236 Code Medium

Introducing the Open Franchise for Creators

presented by Tess

Everyone is familiar with the concept of an entertainment franchise -- Star Wars, Battlestar Galactica, and Dr. Who. But what if there was a franchise that belonged to fans? That is the concept behind ROSECODE and the Open Franchise for Creators (OFC). ROSECODE is an interactive cyberpunk thriller created and produced by a small team of writers, artists, and programmers....


03:45 - 04:30 G-103 Humans Easy

Picking Up the Pieces, Issues And Challenges Controlling Your Data
Transitioning from a DEV to an Operational Centric DBA environment

presented by Robert

The primary task of a developer is to get the product out the door. Sometimes, making deadlines means taking shortcuts. Eventually, all those quick and easy tricks become so convoluted and complex that this house of cards risks collapsing with the first stiff breeze. In other words Technical Debt has been created and must now be managed.

Over time, the possibility of slowing down, even r...


03:45 - 04:30 HC-103 Postgres PostgreSQL Medium

Privacy on the blockchain
Are all cryptocurrencies really annoymous?

presented by MrMonotone

Cryptocurrencies have always been championed to have anonymous and private transactions. Unfortunately not all cryptocurrencies, even the most popular, Bitcoin, provide this functionality. In order to solve this important issue, a whole new group of cryptocurrencies was created called privacy coins. We will review the various methods that cryptocurrencies, specifically privacy coins, use to pro...


03:45 - 04:30 HC-108 Security Medium
Aaron Chantrill

How to train your open source HAL 9000
The current state of opensource speech to text processing.

presented by Aaron Chantrill

In this tutorial, we will get a copy of Jasper Voice Assistant up and running on Debian Stretch.

Jasper is an open source virtual assistant written in Python. It runs well on a Raspberry Pi 2 or 3. The particular version of Jasper we will be installing is one I have been working on for several months and includes a plugin for playing z-machine text adventure games.

Jasper can use local sp...


05:00 - 07:00 CC-201 TUT1 Code Medium
NetYeti Oggy

Building and using your own inexpensive, Docker-based pico-cluster

presented by NetYeti, Oggy

Are you an aspiring developer, network engineer, or student looking for a platform that can do "all the things"? Looking for a training tool to become the next DevOps engineer for your company? Want to learn how to use Docker in a cluster environment but don't have the budget to buy professional grade equipment? Want to run your own, in-home, MineCraft server complex - without breaking the ba...


05:00 - 07:00 CC-202 TUT2 Infrastructure Easy
Ray Shimko

Linux in a Microsoft world
Configuring open source applications to work with a Microsoft centric business.

presented by Ray Shimko

Have you ever wondered how other professionals utilize Linux and open source applications in their business workflows? Are you a home Linux user but haven't been able to take the plunge at work because there are pieces of your workflow you don't know how to migrate to open source alternatives? Are you sick of using closed source proprietary applications to get the job done?

This presentation...


05:30 - 06:15 CC-114 Education Medium
Dave Stokes

Presentation Skills for Open Source Folks

presented by Dave Stokes

Do you want to present at conferences but do not know where to start? Then this session is for YOU! Where do you get speaking skills, audiences to test your speaking skills, and how do your practice presentations? Believe it or not there are local groups lusting after your knowledge and long established groups to help your hone your skills. Come learn the five tools your really need to ...


05:30 - 06:15 CC-115

Applying Object Character Recognition and Kubernetes to Twitch
Automagically view the most interesting PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds streams on Twitch.

presented by eggshell

Rotisserie is an open source node.js application which runs on Kubernetes and brings the concept of the red zone in American football and applies it to the popular online battle royale game PLAYERUNKNOWN’S BATTLEGROUNDS. The idea is to always be viewing the most popular PUBG twitch stream with the least amount of people alive in-game, as this is the point where streamers are tense and playing a...


05:30 - 06:15 CC-200 Code Easy
Chris Foster

Securing Docker on the Cheap - Part 1 - Fundamentals
High security for containers for the budget-minded.

presented by Chris Foster

Even as serverless technologies continue to improve, containers remain wildly popular for many applications. The reigning champion in this realm: Docker. But how can Docker containers run securely, regardless of cloud platform or run-time environment?

In Part 1 of this series we'll explore the fundamentals of a secure Docker container: - Brief intro to Docker - Security starts at the top ...


05:30 - 06:15 CC-208 Security Easy
Spencer Krum

Maintaining local forks

presented by Spencer Krum

Here's the situation: You want to use a piece of open source software, but you can't because it has a show stopping bug. What do you do? If you said 'make a fix and send in a pull-request,' Congratulations! You're right. Here's another: You're running a piece of open source software in production, and discovered a show stopping bug. What do you do? What if you can't wait for upstream to merge t...


05:30 - 06:15 CC-235 Code Medium
Michael Dexter

Switching to the BSDs: A crash course in FreeBSD, FreeNAS, TrueOS and OpenBSD

presented by Michael Dexter

systemd got you down?

BSD Unix has been running the Internet from day one and has never been better for desktop, server and NAS storage use. FreeBSD, FreeNAS, TrueOS and OpenBSD are all proven solutions with many features not available anywhere else: The unrivaled OpenZFS file system, the PF packet filter and the bhyve hypervisor. This talk will help you choose one or more BSDs for a number ...


05:30 - 06:15 CC-236

State of Video Copyright & Free Culture
Empowering Remixers

presented by sart

Copyright law is mine field that is being abused on major video sharing sites to take producers revenues and censor unpopular messages. We will explore examples of copyright misuse and how to protect yourself as a remixer and creator from the trolls. This talk will include recent cases and controversies and lots of time for Q&A with local Copyright lawyer and Free Culture evangelist.



05:30 - 06:15 G-103 Humans Easy
Basil Bourque

Tables and columns and rows! Oh my!
Intro to storing your data in a database.

presented by Basil Bourque


You’ve got data. Like people’s names, phones, and email addresses. Or customers’ orders. Or animals making visits to your veterinary office. Or a history of timestamped events.

You want to keep that data organized. Available for searching. And sorting.

So now it is time for a database to store all that dat...


05:30 - 06:15 HC-103 Postgres PostgreSQL Easy
Kevin Burkeland

Linux 101: Just the basics
Your guide to why everyone is here

presented by Kevin Burkeland

This lecture is for people with little to no linux knowledge who want to learn what all the fuss is about. In this lecture we will be going over basic vocabulary and talking about why people decide to turn away from Windows and macOS and seek the freedom linux provides.

This is meant to be a fun light overview of linux without getting into the nitty gritty. If you are looking to have some fu...


05:30 - 06:15 HC-108 Education Easy
Ray Shimko

Linux email clients give me a migrane
The how, where, why, and when to use different email clients to their fullest potential.

presented by Ray Shimko

In this presentation I will be walking users through a myriad of email clients and configurations that will illustrate both strengths an weaknesses of the applications.

Some quick examples of topics that would be discussed would include:

  • What is the davmail gateway and when and why should I use it?
  • Which email clients have built in calendar functionality that actual works?
  • If you...

06:45 - 07:30 CC-114 Education Easy
Ed Cable

Endless Summer of Code: Building the Foundation of a Community Through GSOC

presented by Ed Cable

For open source projects, mature and young, we'll present how before, during and after internship programs like Google Summer of Code, you can attract, identify, retain, and transform interns into long-term contributors to your project. We’ll examine the culture, commitment, and processes you need to unlock endless impact and enable a virtuous cycle that continually renews your community.



06:45 - 07:30 CC-115

REPLACEMENT Please note that this talk replaces Managing CoreOS and Kubernetes with Puppet

End-to-end Encryption in Nextcloud
The ultimate protection for your data

presented by jospoortvliet

Nextcloud introduced End-to-end Encryption in Nextcloud 13. This offers the ultimate protection for your data, securely encrypting it on your devices before it is sent to the server. While this means some feature loss (no online editing! No public sharing!), when used for a sup-set of extremely sensitive data like your credit card details, drivers license or the fiscal year report draft of a co...


06:45 - 07:30 CC-200 Security Medium
Chris Foster

Securing Docker on the Cheap - Part 2 - Vulnerabilities
High security for containers for the budget-minded.

presented by Chris Foster

Even as serverless technologies continue to improve, containers remain wildly popular for many applications. The reigning champion in this realm: Docker. But how can Docker containers run securely, regardless of cloud platform or run-time environment?

In Part 2 of this series we'll explore the vulnerability management techniques for Docker containers: - Anatomy of a container - Scanning co...


06:45 - 07:30 CC-208 Security Medium

Let's uninstall GRUB
Replacing one of the slowest part of your computer's boot!

presented by isantop

GRUB is a great piece of software, but it's quite old and designed to handle a lot of specialized use cases which aren't really relevant anymore. The configuration is also complex, and it take a long time to load every time your computer boots.

What are some alternatives to using GRUB? We need something modern, user-friendly, automated, and small, with a great simple configuration system an...


06:45 - 07:30 CC-235 Code Easy

Introduction to the Clojure Programming Language
Becoming Functional in an Object-Oriented World

presented by porkostomus

Clojure is a dialect of LISP that is parasitic, hijacking popular host platforms like Java and JavaScript and enabling them to be suitable for functional programming, in a language that actually makes sense! We will take a brief tour of the languages available for various types of software and the general paradigms they represent, focusing on the functional style and its strengths, and how Cloj...


06:45 - 07:30 CC-236 Code Easy
Doug Klunder

Brave New World
How Data and Technology Amplify Bias and Challenge Your Civil Liberties

presented by Doug Klunder

When we talk about the risks of technology and data, we often focus on “privacy” and “security.” Both are important, but what about fairness, transparency, and accountability? The game is changing, and if we don’t also change the terms of the debate, we could be designing a world in which biases are embedded in our technology, magnifying unfairness everywhere from education and employment to th...


06:45 - 07:30 G-103 Humans Medium
Kevin Burkeland

Linux 102: Choosing the right distro for you
How to find the right linux for you

presented by Kevin Burkeland

The wonderful and awful part of linux is there is no one size fits all answer for what distro is best for someone new to linux, so I will be walking you through some of the basic linux distro's and explaining what you might like about them, and we won't stop there, I will also be explaining desktop managers and how they impact the way you use your chosen distro.

From Ubuntu to Fedora, from G...


06:45 - 07:30 HC-108 Education Easy
Kaitlin Edwards

Linux Professional Institute: Exam Lab - Session 2
Linux, DevOps Tools Engineer, or LPIC exams

presented by Kaitlin Edwards

Linux Professional Institute (LPI) invites you connect with them at LinuxFest Northwest 2018 taking place April 28 - 29, 2018 in Bellingham, WA at Bellingham Technical College. LPI is proud to be exhibiting again this year. Stop by the LPI booth during the exhibit hours to learn how LPI can help boost your career.

Take Part.

LinuxFest Northwest is an annual open source event co-produc...


07:00 - 09:00 HC-112 LPI Education Medium
Johannes Ernst

Let's Self-host Installathon: Nextcloud, Mediawiki, Wordpress... with UBOS
Why should the big platform overlords have our data? We can take it back.

presented by Johannes Ernst

The big cloud companies have too much of our data, and like to spy on us. Fortunately, open-source software can do much they can do, and we can run it on our own websites on computers we control... if we have the skills and time for server maintenance.

UBOS is a new, Archlinux-derived distro that makes self-hosting much simpler. For this hands-o...


07:15 - 08:15 CC-201 TUT1 Humans Medium
Justin Revelstoke

RFID Implants - Convenience, Concerns and Misconceptions
Security is only skin deep

presented by Justin Revelstoke

RFID Implants - Convenience, Concerns and Misconceptions

“Installation”: Getting under your skin (5 min)

  • Inspiration
  • RFID vs NFC
  • The process
  • Video

Security Implications (10 min)

  • Awareness
  • Statistics
  • Permanence (Contrast Fingerprints/Retinas)
  • Context
  • Attack Vectors
  • Mitigation

Convenience (10 min)

  • Three Two Market: A case study
  • Commer...

08:00 - 08:45 CC-114 Security Easy

Linux for digital naturalization of the Elderly
Bringing older generations into our wonderfully connected world

presented by ClassyWhetten

My name is Brian, and in my business I'm using Linux desktops to bring the elderly into the digital age. The elderly in our communities often have the most to gain from knowing how to communicate with others in their families and social circles across generational boundaries. Desktop Linux addresses many concerns held by older generations about adopting new technology: Privacy, Cost, and being ...


08:00 - 08:45 CC-115 Humans Easy

DevOps and ElasticSearch
using ElasticSearch, Logstash and Kibana to get stuff done

presented by dmitrypol

Integrate ElasticSearch with other applications Use Logstash ETL pipeline to aggregate data from various sources (logs, DBs, APIs) Build rich visualizations / dashboards w Kibana to better understand the state of your ecosystem

I will show practical real-world examples of how to get stuff done with these technologies.

ElasticSearch experience is not a prerequisite but helpful. Atten...


08:00 - 08:45 CC-200 Infrastructure Medium
Kevin Burkeland

Linux 103: How to try linux at home
How to try linux risk free

presented by Kevin Burkeland

For this tutorial I will be showing you how to set up a virtual machine running linux that will work almost any home computer allowing you to try Linux risk free.

We will be using Oracle VirtualBox to set up a beginner friendly Linux distro. Walking you through the steps to get virtualbox set up, different configuration options for virtualbox and the options that a typical Linux distribution...


08:00 - 09:00 CC-202 TUT2 Education Easy
Chris Foster

Securing Docker on the Cheap - Part 3 - Run-time Monitoring
High security for containers for the budget-minded.

presented by Chris Foster

Even as serverless technologies continue to improve, containers remain wildly popular for many applications. The reigning champion in this realm: Docker. But how can Docker containers run securely, regardless of cloud platform or run-time environment?

In Part 3 of this series we'll explore the how to ensure containers stay secure at runtime: - Deeper dive into Docker: how containers are run...


08:00 - 08:45 CC-208 Security Medium

Installing and running Moodle for educational uses
Using Moodle as your learning management system

presented by smorris12

In this talk, we'll review on the options to install and maintain Moodle for your educational institution. We'll talk through installation, integration with LDAP servers for both users and for class creation, and continued maintenance of Moodle. Finally we'll talk through our process of educating the educators on the use Moodle.

I would encourage those who have experience with Moodle to come...


08:00 - 08:45 CC-235 Education Easy

Automation with Ansible
Using ansible will make sysadmin easier

presented by delimiter

From installing ansible to managing numerous disparate systems, ansible has you covered.

This presentation will include the following information in a demonstrative format. Feel free to bring a laptop if you want to follow along. 1. Installing ansible including any dependencies 2. Creation of a very basic playbook 3. Converting tasks from playbook to roles 4. Types of roles 5. Expanding...


08:00 - 08:45 CC-236 Medium

There's No Place Like Home
How Do We Provide Organizational Homes to FLOSS Communities?

presented by bkuhn

Lack of formal structure for Free, Libre and Open Source (FLOSS) projects limits their ability to function. FLOSS initiatives outnumber organizations that can host them. Our community needs a well-organized discussion of how we build organizations that can effectively foster communities that develop, document, create and advocate FLOSS. Let's consider what types of organizational homes we ha...


08:00 - 08:45 G-103 Infrastructure Easy
Carrie Maxwell

Lessons Learned from Civic Hacking
Open Data and Open Source in Government

presented by Carrie Maxwell

Budgets, Housing, and Hurricanes. What do all of these things have in common? Civic Hacking. These were local problems that were tackled by a village of coding warriors.

This talk is about the lessons I learned from Civic Hacking. This year, I traveled across the state of Texas to participate Civic Hacking.

In this talk, I will discuss overreaching themes before talking about specific pr...


08:00 - 08:45 HC-108 Humans Easy