Professional Software Engineer & Digital Media Marketing Manager, Hobbyist Game Developer, Husband & Father. Hello, I'm Don Duvall (Tazd'ij), I write marketing software which runs primarily on Linux servers. I now use only FOSS at home, and as much as possible at work.

Linux Distro:

I have started creating my own (baseless) Linux Distro "Apoc. Linux", focusing on Installation and Upgrades without an internet connection. Bundle based Package Management, Offline Usability, Lightweight, and Performance Conscious. It is nowhere close to being show-able, but the ideas are set! Now to find time to create the needed software.


I absolutely love writing software, for just about any thing for any reason. And, when I get the chance to use C99, C11 or FreePascal, I get all kinds of happy. One day I want to be able to develop FOSS for a living. (It's the dream, am i right?)

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