Bri Hatch is Director of IT at ExtraHop Networks, and Chief Hacker at Onsight, Inc.

He's been doing SRE and devops long before they had a name. He believes that SLAs are a good thing, only pages and tickets are actionable (NOT EMAIL!), graphs are for capacity planning, and logs are for troubleshooting or to be shunned entirely.

Bri is mainly a Python head these days, having shed the last remnants of Perl with the exception of his decades of dotfiles history. One day he'll get into Golang, but C will always be his first love.

Bri has taught security, Unix, and programming classes for corporations through Onsight and as an adjunct instructor Northwestern University. He has been securing and breaking into systems since before he traded in his Apple II+ for his first Unix system.

Bri Hatch presents 2 Events: